The Secret of Coldwater Cave

Engine: Creation Kit

Role: Designer

Development Highlights:

  • Set up basic graybox layout in editor
  • Added enemies with patrol routes and navmesh
  • Added clutter, lighting and vfx, sound, and roombounds for optimization
  • Scripted and hooked up ambushes and encounters
  • Scripted custom boss sequence, “gauntlet run” of enemies before final boss
  • Scripted simple quest start, stage advancement, and completion events
  • Created custom weapon item as player reward, with new enchantment
  • Wrote in-game books/journals to fill in narrative background

Concept: This was my second fully completed and released-to-the-public mod. I pushed myself to make a larger project than last time, focusing on bolstering my scripting skills and using the feedback I’d gotten so far. I wrote almost all of the scripts for this mod myself, only realizing later that a lot of the ones I had written already existed in the game and could be reused when needed. While this took more time, it actually was super helpful in learning the ins and outs of Papyrus, and made me a better designer overall.

Summary: An unassuming cave resides just off the coast of Winterhold, but an ancient secret lies within its walls. The last known man to have discovered it lies in a pool of blood at your feet. With only the hints of his journal to guide you, do you dare navigate the ruins and uncover the secret of Coldwater Cave?


Screenshots: (click to enlarge)

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