Old Fort Seranoraj

Engine: Creation Kit

Role: Designer (solo project)

Level Design Document

Development Highlights:

  • Created 14-day production plan
  • Researched real world location for inspiration: Old Fort Niagara
  • Set up basic graybox layout in editor
  • Added enemies with patrol routes and navmesh
  • Added clutter, lighting and vfx, sound, and roombounds for optimization
  • Scripted and hooked up ambushes and encounters
  • Scripted boss fight with vfx, and set up a unique boss with edited stats and a custom spell for a truly unique fight
  • Designed quest with environmental storytelling to relay information to the player without dialogue
  • Wrote books/journals to fill in narrative background
  • Scripted simple quest start, stage advancement, and completion events
  • Created custom weapon item as player reward, with new enchantment

Concept: I created this mod during a self-imposed 14 day challenge, inspired by the 11 day challenge on World of Level Design.

In all of my projects, I try push myself to learn at least 1 new thing, as well as build upon the knowledge and skills I’ve already gained. For this project, I pushed myself to make a project in a fully professional setting, with full planning and documentation, deadlines, and work hours. The biggest take-away for sure was the importance of planning and time management. The design doc I set up early really kept me focused and prevented a lot of strain down the road.

Summary: An ancient fort once belonging to the Nords, submerged in icy glacier and lost to Skyrim. The events of the Great Collapse has uncovered its ruins, as pieces of Winterhold fell off into the sea. Now discovered by a college researcher, the strange and deadly history of Old Fort Seranoraj comes to light.

Screenshots: (click to enlarge)

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