Engine: Creation Kit

Role: Level Designer

Official Lordbound page

Development Highlights:

  • Took direction on existing location, pitching possible background and concept with rough documentation
  • Set up basic graybox layout in editor
  • Playtested and received playtest feedback for iteration on space
  • Added enemies with patrol routes and navmesh
  • Added clutter, lighting and vfx, sound, and roombounds for optimization
  • Hooked up lever activated bridges, Centurion ambush, and scripted new gameplay for activatable valve
  • Occasionally edited existing models with new textures for more effective kit bashing, and did so to create a new “pipe exit” for a dungeon.

Concept: A massive Skyrim expansion, adding 30+ hours of new content to the game in the form of new lands, dungeons, cities, dialogue, quests, and loot.

Summary: I currently work on the Dungeon Team, designing and implementing interior dungeon locations for the player to play through.


In-Depth Dungeon Design Breakdown (google doc)


Screenshots: (click to enlarge)

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