Joric’s Tomb

Engine: Creation Kit

Role: Designer

Development Highlights:

  • Set up basic graybox layout in editor
  • Added enemies with patrol routes and navmesh
  • Added clutter, lighting and vfx, sound, and roombounds for optimization
  • Scripted and hooked up ambushes and encounters

Concept: For my first mod released to the public, I wanted to make a dungeon that the player could enjoy playing through outside of the long quest lines already present. It’s very easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed with quests in Skyrim, and a simple dungeon with subtle, implicit storytelling outside of dialogue or quest objectives can be a nice change of pace. This worked doubly well for me, as I just started out learning the tools.

Summary: Enter the tomb of an ancient nordic hero named Joric. Now a haven for necromancers, the tomb has been corrupted with evil magic. The final burial chamber is sealed shut however, and guarded by the restless draugr. What secrets remain sealed beyond those doors?


Screenshots: (click to enlarge)

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